Friday, 22 March 2013

My Car Story

The day my car came to life.

When i went to the car and i told it to came to life and suddenly I  came out and it talked to me. It said hello and i said are you nice and he said I   am a  nice well can you be nice to my family and he said yes I will and i will do something for you.He took my dad to a drag race and he raced a person and won 1,2220,000 million dollars just for a race and entered another race and won that race too
an took her home and keeped her for ever and ever.

Witing by Nikitah Jardine.


  1. Cool Nikitah!
    I like how you said that you took the car home and kept it forever and ever.
    Well done:-)

  2. Wow Nikitah I like how you said and I took her home and kept her for ever and ever.

  3. Awsome Nikitah that car sounds like a very nice car