Thursday, 20 June 2013

Fishing poster

This is my fishing poster I did in room 15 yesterday and I enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I am in the kayak and this is the first time I did it and I learnt how to do it because Anthony helped me do it and it was fun but hard some of the time and I enjoyed it the most. Then I got into a dubbel
kayak with Nakita and it was so awesome and we went fast and the had a rest and I had fun with that. Then we got back to the shore and I waited a while until another person got back  and then someone yelled to mr m does anyone want to go on a single kayak and I said me so mr m said nikitah does  so I got into that one and we only had five minutes to go and then we had to go back to shore  that was very fun.     

Sunday, 16 June 2013



Brunch then lunch then dinner then dessert. It was challenging and fantastic to make all of the food in our groups even though some people in our group could not have dairy milk. So they made something else and it was nice to respect that. They cooked  it thrmselves and they were proud  as well. I liked master chef.



I am in the cave we had to do the commando cave with no torch and we had to crawl in the mud because it was a muddy and wet cave. It was awesome but the wetas in the next cave and they are so big and they stayed still  because they do not like people seeing them and they were scary and brown. The wetas are in the caves on the roofs and sometimes on the side of the caves and the caves are awesome but the time when I got my shoes wet on the last cave and it felt weird and we had a choice go back in the caves or go back to camp and I put my hand up for go back to camp because it was cold .

Friday, 14 June 2013


This is the piece of art I did and I have to do it with pastel and it took me along time and I am proud of it.

At camp we saw lots of kereru in the trees.

kereru                    possum
native bird               pest
eat native seeds       lase a egg per year lives in native forest    lives 14 years
one egg per nest       no predators in
lives up to 20 years  New Zealand.
fly 50 kilometers.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My kiwi story

This is my kiwi creche story that I did my self and I liked going there.

Kiwi creche moment

When we got to the kiwi creche and went in to the marae and sat down. We had to be quiet so the kiwi does not freak out  and when we be quiet  she took out the kiwi and put it on her finger  and went around and we pat-erd  it. It feels rough and it keeps on making a clicking noise and it means it is angry and tries to scare people. We got to hold a kiwi’s egg and it was heavy and big. It looks light but it is not and it was white .The kiwi’s beak is not a beak it is a bill and it does not like people touching him. It was the first time I saw a kiwi in real life and touch it for real. It was so cute.