Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Maths Results

Days   scores      %
One        6           24%
Two       12         48%
three       13         52%
four         15         60%
five         16           64%
six          21           84%
seven      20           80%
nine        21            84%
ten         15            60%    

Today we did maths and we had to make a chart and I made one as you can see and up the top is my score and the percentages.  Day one is the lowest score I got - six. This could be because it was the first day and I was a bit unsure of what we were doing. My best scores were on days 6 and 9. This is because I was practising the worksheets that Mr Moriarty gave us.I added up all of my scores and I divided  it by 9 (I was away one day) which gives me an average of 15.4.


  1. Excellent results, Nikitah! You did so well. I thought you were practising. Your graph looks good and you have interpreted your results.

    You should be very proud!

  2. Wow good results Nikitah you are so good at your basic facts and you have
    definitely improved by heaps
    keep it up!