Tuesday, 16 July 2013



We’re all doing maths then bam  a earthquake  hit us. Up everyone got and got underneath the table. Then the bell went off so we had to go to the courts and sit down. Then they talk to us about what we had to do when a earthquake came. She said roll into a ball or get under a table.  After she said that she said teachers get your children and go back to your classrooms and we did and it was over.

This was amazing, a fantastic true story.

3d shapes

This is the top view of it and it is a 3d shape and the other one is too. Me and my buddy made them.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My fantail report

The Fantail

Fantail (piwakawaka in mare )

Fantails are nice wonderful and beautiful. Fantails like to live and they are amazing birds. They do not disturb you so you should or kill them at all. they travel around the word sometimes . They are harmless to people. they are native to new zealand.

facts about fantails

  • Fantails main predator is rats.

  • Fantails can be found in australia
  • Fantails eat insects

  • Fantails are very good at catching insects in the air.
Fantails are living bird but do not kill them because they are in you house. they like to follow you because we are kicking up bugs and they like to eat them. There predators are cats, rat, stoats and mynas. The south island fantail has more white on its tail then the North Island fantails. They  are brown,grey and white. They eat insects. They are a native bird and they are friendly as well. they are 16 cm in size. They nest from three to five times each year from august to january. They lay three of four eggs. The color of the egg is a cream color. They have a chocolate color underneath them. You can not keep them as pets.

city gardens,towns,trees and main forests.
What they eat.

insects, berries and fruit.

This is my Fantail report and It is amazing. This is all about fantail.

The Amazing race


Here we are we got our first letter  3,2,1 GO! Samuel ripped the envelope. He said we had to get sticks and go to the dodgeball  court and spell out your  animal name only one.  We chose panda and then Mr M took a photo of it and handed the next letter to us. Then I rip it open we ran to the dining room.  We had to make Kitawa fadge. We did it with biscuits and butter and egg. We mix it and put it in the fridge.  Then we got the next letter.We got to do boot camp or the smart test and we chose the smart test .  We got it right we got the next letter it said go and do the puzzle in the hall and we figured it out.   Then Ms Hill gave as the next letter and it said go to the kayak we went in to a double one with me and Samuel in it when we got half way I accidentaly hit Samuel on the head with a paddle and I said sorry and he said ouch. We finally got their  i put it it in my life jacket on. When we got back we read it and it said go and do the confidence course  and we  did it.  Then we got the next one it said go and do the wire bridge  and we waited for the other group and we got on it and i was the second one and the whole team made it and we came 4th place then we went  back to our dorms then we got called to the dining room and i went.

This is a piece of writing I did today and it took me a long time and I did all of this. I loved writing it and I am proud of it.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Camp Reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was to care for others.

I achieved this because I cared for others  and I did it with my group and others.

Something I was pleased with was team work that was going around the place
and I liked it because when someone else needs help you can help them when you can.
I really enjoyed learning about the rivers we saw and the trees because you can learn all about them when you already don't know about them.
Something I found hard was walking up hill and  sometimes down. Something that made me think was how to get down from here because it was slippery and wet
My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things
Reason Why
1. kayaking
because it was my first time doing it in a single one.
2. caving
because it fun and experiencing other stuff I did not see before.   
3. waterfalls  
because I have not  seen a big waterfalls.
4.rock hopping
for seeing rocks and hopping on them and I have not done it before then.
5. amazing race
for learning to help your group in different ways.

 This is my camp reflection I did.

Camp Memories

This is my camp memories I made on the computer and it took a long time but I finally did it. If you lift the flap you can see what the people did on camp.