Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My fantail report

The Fantail

Fantail (piwakawaka in mare )

Fantails are nice wonderful and beautiful. Fantails like to live and they are amazing birds. They do not disturb you so you should or kill them at all. they travel around the word sometimes . They are harmless to people. they are native to new zealand.

facts about fantails

  • Fantails main predator is rats.

  • Fantails can be found in australia
  • Fantails eat insects

  • Fantails are very good at catching insects in the air.
Fantails are living bird but do not kill them because they are in you house. they like to follow you because we are kicking up bugs and they like to eat them. There predators are cats, rat, stoats and mynas. The south island fantail has more white on its tail then the North Island fantails. They  are brown,grey and white. They eat insects. They are a native bird and they are friendly as well. they are 16 cm in size. They nest from three to five times each year from august to january. They lay three of four eggs. The color of the egg is a cream color. They have a chocolate color underneath them. You can not keep them as pets.

city gardens,towns,trees and main forests.
What they eat.

insects, berries and fruit.

This is my Fantail report and It is amazing. This is all about fantail.


  1. Wow Nikitah cool fantail report it looks like you had lots of fun writing your fantail report. Keep up the good work.

  2. Good work there keep it up okay I like it.
    All that blogging is going great so you got a good thing inside you new what fantails eat wow your a star keep it up bye.

  3. Awesome Nakitah.
    I didn't know that they could catch insects in the air or they were only sixteen cm I thought they were bigger.
    You have made me think deferentially about fantails and I am not going to let anyone I know kill another one.
    Have you every thought of an animal this closely?
    Keep up the great work.
    Your pal Crighton :)

  4. "Wow Nikitah you did such a great report on the fantail. I didn't know that the fantail was really that small I thought it was much bigger than that but no I really learnt something from your amazing report I cant wait to see another one come out on your blog Keep up the great work. :-)
    Your mate Nakita.H

  5. This report is amazing Nikitah!
    I like how you added the facts after the introduction.
    That is very clever.
    I think that it was a good idea to put the Maori name of the Fantail at the start.
    Well done:-)