Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My kiwi story

This is my kiwi creche story that I did my self and I liked going there.

Kiwi creche moment

When we got to the kiwi creche and went in to the marae and sat down. We had to be quiet so the kiwi does not freak out  and when we be quiet  she took out the kiwi and put it on her finger  and went around and we pat-erd  it. It feels rough and it keeps on making a clicking noise and it means it is angry and tries to scare people. We got to hold a kiwi’s egg and it was heavy and big. It looks light but it is not and it was white .The kiwi’s beak is not a beak it is a bill and it does not like people touching him. It was the first time I saw a kiwi in real life and touch it for real. It was so cute.



  1. Good job describing your moment with the kiwi, Nikitah. It was very special!

    I like how you described its noise, feathers, egg and that it has a bill not a beak. Good listening!

  2. Awesome Nikitah!
    You have described the Kiwi so well.
    I like how you have said why it does that or does not.
    Well done:)

  3. Nice job with your writing Nikitah:).
    Wow that was your first time seeing and touching a kiwi as well.
    Keep up the good work, your pal Crighton.