Friday, 19 April 2013

Camp Tutara Map

This is my map I made myself and I colored It in  and made my camp rules and Directions and it took a long time to do it.

1.You can not go swimming in the lack without parent supervision.
2.You can not eat ice cream anywhere.
3.You can not play games on computa .
4.You are not allowed to fighting.
5. Stay indoors sometimes.
6.Do not yell in the cabins.
7. You can not leave staff on the floor.
8.No staying up at night.
9. No fizzy  or you will get in trouble.

1.You can not run.
2.You can eat.
3.You can play.
4.You can not eat and talk at the same time.
5.You can drink water.
6.You can not be mean.
7. you can not push.
8.You can not throw food.
Important things  
1. Have fun.
2. Do not make fun of the camps name.

Camp Directions
Step 1. start at E1.
Step 2.go to D3 on the left at the shower.
Step 3. go to C8 at the forest.
Step 4. go to D8 in the forest.
Step 5. go to E8 nearly out of the forest.
Step 6. go to F8 you are out of the forest.
Step 7. go to G8 you are nearly there.
Step 8. go to H8 then stop there.

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  1. Wow Nikitah!

    Amazing map, rules and directions! Great work!