Saturday, 18 May 2013

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

When our class(room 16) went to Karamu School to rock climb and I went second and it was a little bit scary for me.  Someone hit Emma  in the face and it was by accident. We first talked about our self and we learnt their names and their names are Keyzia and Haley were kind to us and in my team is Emma and Crighton so we have 2 seniors and 3 kids in our team. It was fun climbing up and I had two turns on it but Emma had only one turn on it and I liked it so much and the other activity I liked as well. I enjoyed everything else. At the end we had to say thank you and their names as well. Mr Ross said to Emma what did you have for breakfast and she said a banana and Mr Ross is funny and awesome as well. I like my seniors people as well.


  1. It is great how much you enjoyed rock climbing, Nikitah.

    I look forward to your post on the second session!

    1. yes I know it mite take awhile.

  2. Wow Nikitah!
    Rock Climbing is awesome!
    And a great post too.
    Well done:-)

  3. Wow Nikitah I really enjoyed it also it was cool you put my name in it.