Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I am in the kayak and this is the first time I did it and I learnt how to do it because Anthony helped me do it and it was fun but hard some of the time and I enjoyed it the most. Then I got into a dubbel
kayak with Nakita and it was so awesome and we went fast and the had a rest and I had fun with that. Then we got back to the shore and I waited a while until another person got back  and then someone yelled to mr m does anyone want to go on a single kayak and I said me so mr m said nikitah does  so I got into that one and we only had five minutes to go and then we had to go back to shore  that was very fun.     

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  1. The kayak must of been really fun for you when you were on a single. And I really like your story. It sounds like you enjoyed it. Well done.