Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Amazing race


Here we are we got our first letter  3,2,1 GO! Samuel ripped the envelope. He said we had to get sticks and go to the dodgeball  court and spell out your  animal name only one.  We chose panda and then Mr M took a photo of it and handed the next letter to us. Then I rip it open we ran to the dining room.  We had to make Kitawa fadge. We did it with biscuits and butter and egg. We mix it and put it in the fridge.  Then we got the next letter.We got to do boot camp or the smart test and we chose the smart test .  We got it right we got the next letter it said go and do the puzzle in the hall and we figured it out.   Then Ms Hill gave as the next letter and it said go to the kayak we went in to a double one with me and Samuel in it when we got half way I accidentaly hit Samuel on the head with a paddle and I said sorry and he said ouch. We finally got their  i put it it in my life jacket on. When we got back we read it and it said go and do the confidence course  and we  did it.  Then we got the next one it said go and do the wire bridge  and we waited for the other group and we got on it and i was the second one and the whole team made it and we came 4th place then we went  back to our dorms then we got called to the dining room and i went.

This is a piece of writing I did today and it took me a long time and I did all of this. I loved writing it and I am proud of it.


  1. Wow Nikitah!
    Your story really shows how much you enjoyed camp.
    Especially the amazing race.
    Because that is what your story is about.
    The photo at the end looks nice.
    Your group did well at camp.
    Well done:)

  2. Awesome Nikitah!
    It sounds like you had fun at camp I did too it was awesome.
    What was your favorite part of camp?
    Mine was every thing.
    Well done keep it up.