Monday, 10 March 2014

My famous explorer, Jean batten

Jean is a famous explorer. Jean Batten was New Zealand's greatest aviator, and is celebrated around the world for her heroic solo flights during the 1930s.

Jean batten was born on September 5th  1909 in Rotorua.  She died in an hotel in   Majorca on 22 November  1982 because of a dog bite .  She lived in Rotorua for 4 years. When she was 4 years old she moved to Auckland with her parents and her two brothers that are older than she is.  She was the first to fly  from England  to New zealand .

Jean batten broke 2 world records.  The word records are for  flying from England to New zealand  and flying from England  to  brazil. Her trip of 14 days and 22 hours beat the existing England to Australia record.

Jean batten lived in Rotorua for a little while and then moved to
Auckland when she turned 4 with her mum and dad and her 2 older brothers.


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