Thursday, 23 October 2014

my blood story

           The blood story
It was a winter morning, wind was blowing, snow falling and the most terrible thing happened. I got hit by a car. I know you will be wondering how I got hit by a car.  Well it happened on a November morning in 1999. I was in the snow playing  and then my mum (kate) called me and so i had to go.  Then the terrible thing happened.  I got hit and there was blood all by my leg. That was the time I knew i broke my leg so I called out to mum  “Help I broke my leg!” like 5 times and then  she heard me.  He came running out and went  to the man well can you explain how this happened and why you did  this to my son . so after they had that talk she took me to the hospital and it was so bad I have to have surgery on my leg and I felt  so sad i cried and i felt mad at that man but it was my fault for crossing the road without looking both ways . I am out of surgery  but I woke up 10 minutes  after the surgery and i felt sore but atlese I get to keep my leg.

When I got home I had tea what I had for tea was Mcdonalds because mum thought we could  buy tea  instead of cooking so I was so thankful that she was there all night and taking care of me all  through the trouble I had in the hospital. I can not go to school for 2 weeks and 2 days so it heals properly and I break it again. Now I feel happy that i am back home in bed so now I can sleep with peace and quiet and I am so cuffey  now ,that hospital  bed was hard and I got a sore back  and a neck then. That is how I broke my leg.

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