Thursday, 12 June 2014

Herrick house

The Herrick House

My book  is called the dark herrick secret. I drew the picture because it goes with the title . The herrick house is broken because no one has lived in it for a long time and it has not been fixed yet. My cover looks scary so what type of audience would be suitable to read this book?

My book is about  a dark  secret   in the herrick house.   They  find the cellar  that is at the bottom of the  house and they find two people that are side by side and they are dead .  My picture  is dark  and scary  and that matches my story.

My title is up the top because I  liked it there and it stands out. I choose  the colours because  it  is a dark secret  I like that it’s scary.   I used a normal style because  then you can read it instead of not reading it properly .

The book is suitable for 8 and over because then people that are younger will be scared and have nightmares so that is why it is suitable.    

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