Friday, 25 July 2014


We are in the room getting change into warm clothes and our gumboots on as well. We are going through the gate and climbing. We are half way. What was my favorite part at the farm?

We are talking on the way about if we should roll down or not so we decided to roll down. I am saying we are nelly there.  It is so tiring  because the hill is so big but smooth. We are at the top  and getting ready. WEEEE this is so fun. I am still rolling down the hill then i stopped.

I say we should go down again so  they said fine. Me, Paige and Jessie are going up to half way  because we don’t want  to go up to the top. Now we are rolling  down and it is wet.  we have finished .

My favorite part was rolling down the hill because    i had ever done it before and if was really fun ,wet and cold.

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